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Kitchen Cabinet Standard Designs

When you decide to invest in a commercial kitchen design, apart from colors and shades for your interiors, you must know the sizing options available and what fits best in your kitchen, is a very important aspect to be considered. Let us design a complete guide for a basic commercial kitchen design for cabinets that […]

Risk Assessment in Commercial Kitchen

Risk Assessment in Commercial Kitchen

Risk assessment is the overall process of identifying hazards, risk analysis and risk evaluation. With the help of the process of risk assessment, today commercial kitchens can identify and prepare themselves for potential risks hence avoid catastrophic consequences that could come your way and keep safety as priority. The goal of a risk assessment plan […]

Logic Behind Colors Used in Hotel Designs

Logic Behind Colors Used in Hotel Designs

Commercial kitchen designs are well crafted to tap the senses of the diner at the right note, as they should know exactly who their target clientele are, and hence they would design accordingly. Restaurants know this, and they take great pains to use it to send the right information. Colour, for example, is a powerful […]


Safety Protocols in Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen that is well maintained with regard to cleanliness and safety protocols while preparing the food ensures your customers and employees are always safe. Many people including pregnant women or elderly are at the risk of getting sick with foodborne illnesses. Research has found that about 1 in 6 people get sick from foodborne diseases each day. And the number of deaths are 3,000 while those hospitalised are 128,000. Let us check out the safety protocols necessary to run a commercial kitchen successfully.

Kitchen Waste Water Reuse

The world is on the verge of water shortage, hence it is very important to find proper management of water resources in order to meet the demand for water in today’s growing population. Collection and reuse of wastewater have become a priority today. Wastewater could create public health issues by polluting natural water resources, therefore […]

Mistakes to avoid in Food Court Planning

Planning a food court means you must have a delicious menu as this is your only communication tool with your guests to lure them to come back. The ‘menu’ introduces to your guests the best you have to offer, the best display of the eatery as well as it also strengthens your brand concept which […]

Ventilation in Commercial Kitchen Is Important

The ventilation system in a commercial system is of utmost importance since it is a major component of the smooth functioning of the restaurant . It is important to maintain proper control over the environment as it can affect not only the kitchen, but the dining area and other areas too. So to say commercial […]

Backyard Organic Farming Hottest Trend

The year 2020 brought about a lot of exciting trends from soil health to farm productivity, hemp to broadband internet. These are being discussed all over the world in agricultural communities as well as many debates to improve farm productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability. The quality of food, and being safe are two factors that […]

Water Recycling System in Commercial Laundry

Wastewater remediation created a water recycling system to work in laundry systems as it is sensible to reuse water over and over again. The commercial laundry recycles the water for many cycles, and they discharge it into the sewer system, from there the sewage treatment plant separates the solid from the water. Laundry water is […]

Commercial Laundry Room Etiquette

Commercial laundry has reduced manpower, along with being energy efficient, no breakage eco washing programmes. There is some etiquette that needs to be known while you are using a shared laundry room. Let us find out how best we can use them without any hassles. # It is best to sort out your clothes before […]

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