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Mistakes to avoid while designing a hotel/ restaurant kitchen

A hotel’s kitchen is regarded as its heart and soul. The efficiency and success of a kitchen are influenced by its design. Even minor kitchen planning and layout flaws can negatively affect overall utility and functionality, staff efficiency, hygiene, safety, and a hotel’s return on investment. This results in higher costs and the waste of essential resources.

Introduction to Menu Planning

Menu planning in food and beverage service is one of the most significant managerial operations carried out by a team led by the entrepreneur. The menu in French means ‘in minute detail,’ and the ‘bill of fare’ in English. A well-designed restaurant menu is an essential component of operating a thriving restaurant business. Careful menu […]

Introduction to local regulations and codes for Restaurants

Opening a restaurant can be a daunting task. You must choose the right restaurant concept, and a suitable location, hire quality workers, obtain licenses, and sell the restaurant properly. With the correct guidelines and information, even obtaining a restaurant license can be a piece of cake. This article will assist you in navigating the legal […]

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