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Designing a Commercial Kitchen

It is crucial to prepare a strong restaurant kitchen design in order to have success and stability. A well designed restaurant kitchen will be able to run smoothly and efficiently as well.

How to Design a Small Commercial Kitchen

When a commercial kitchen is well-designed, it will definitely work efficiently, it will be safe and profitable too. Certain factors need to be considered before designing a small commercial kitchen.

Restaurant App

Restaurant Loyalty Apps

Restaurants usually had punch cards and plastic cards for their loyalty programs, but in today’s digital world, these restaurant loyalty apps on cards have been replaced by mobile loyalty apps which can be used to build customer loyalty.


20 Restaurant Business FAQ’s

Opening a restaurant business takes careful planning, beginning with finding a perfect location, rent, build or buy, which type of restaurant – fast food or concept-based cuisine, research the competition and financing.


Inventory Management in Restaurants

Managing a restaurant business is all about food which makes the majority of inventory for a restaurant, the better you manage this inventory, the more success you would get in it.

Restaurant feedback in real time

Restaurant Feedback Form

Any business to run successfully needs to use the feedback method, which is very useful since it brings about any flaws in your workmanship. There is a competitive environment present in all fields

Restaurant Guest Engagement

Ideas to Boost Restaurant Guest Engagement

Once the restaurant has been set up and functioning, the next step is to bring in new customers as well as retain older ones. Once you have a set of loyal guests, they are worth much more as they tend to repeat their orders, spend more, and also recommend your restaurant to their friends. It […]


Sustainability Trends in Restaurants

Some priorities for sustainability of restaurants include reducing single use plastics, reducing on both energy as well as landfills and choosing more sustainable ingredients. Those restaurants which are socially conscious prefer to advertise the ways in which they contribute to the cause of sustainability. As a result, consumers are knowledgeable about climate change and pollution, […]

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