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Designing a Commercial Kitchen

Before starting a restaurant kitchen, it is crucial to prepare a strong restaurant kitchen design in order to have success and stability. A well-designed restaurant kitchen will be able to run smoothly and efficiently as well. The basic needs for a start-up restaurant kitchen are excellent staff, good quality equipment and an experienced chef who knows what is to be done, and most importantly the commercial kitchen design. Some factors to consider for an ideal kitchen design.

Storage: When designing a commercial restaurant kitchen, ensure that the ingredients are fresh and free from contamination and certain products need to be kept at the right temperature to maintain freshness.

Food Preparation: In a restaurant kitchen design, make provision to segregate different types of food during food prep, so as to keep chopping onions away from poultry. 

Meal Cooking: Since cooking takes a vital part in a commercial kitchen, the proposed design for this area has to be done carefully. Therefore, choose the right cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen based on the menu chosen.

Service: A well-designed restaurant kitchen shows efficiency, implying front-of-house staff has clear and safe access to pass without disturbing the kitchen flow.

Cleaning and Washing: In a restaurant kitchen, plates, cutlery, glasses, etc need washing regularly to be reused, Therefore, a designed washing area that is spacious enough to sort and handle dirty dishes, with the right dishwasher in the right place.

These above-listed stations form the base of the design for your restaurant kitchen, which provides good kitchen flow, especially the sink.

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