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Planning your bar equipment layout

It’s not easy to open a bar, therefore it’s critical to get the design right if you want to become a popular destination for both residents and visitors. Customers select their favourite bars based on a variety of elements, including the friendliness of the bar staff and the drink menu. However, one of a bar’s most crucial features that is sometimes disregarded is the atmosphere it exudes, which is produced through thoughtful bar design and bar equipment layout. 

You must carefully evaluate the bar’s overall structure and design if you have a sizable space and a crew of bartenders to serve up some delectable cocktails to the customers. The ideal way to manage your area profitably and effectively is frequently to seek the skills and assistance of a bar designer or bar fitting specialist. This short article offers some fundamental concepts and pointers for creating a successful bar.

Make a layout plan

You must plan your bar’s layout around the space restrictions that each building and piece of property will impose. Create a template for you and your bar designer to work from after determining the dimensions of your space. To start figuring out how and where you can fit everything in, do some research to identify the typical sizes of bar stools, cabinets, and other equipment that you will need.

The recommended distance between the area where clients will be served and the area where the drinks are presented is around 3 feet. Customers will have enough room to view your complete menu in this manner, and bartenders will have enough room to get the bottles and prepare the beverages.

Consider Your Vibe And Appearance

The durability and ease of cleaning of materials like stainless steel can be alluring, but you should also consider the entire appearance and ambiance of the space. These materials are fine for portions like the kitchen and the back of the house that consumers won’t ever see, but you need something different and more noticeable for the front of the house to attract customers.

Consider purchasing a statement bar counter made of marble, wood, or steel to give your bar the look and ambiance you like.

Be sensible when using bar tops.

As we just discussed, it’s crucial to infuse your bar with a positive spirit by utilising materials that complement your aesthetic. However, you must take into account the usability of the materials you select when you or your bar designer are arranging this.

Many materials used to make bar tops will have some give, which might lead to issues. Stone countertops frequently have this problem; while they might appear stunning in the appropriate environment, they can also be prone to cracking quickly. Brass or metal tops, for example, might look wonderful but need frequent upkeep to stay in good shape.

Make Your Bar Storage Balanced 

You should carefully evaluate the location of each product when positioning your goods for the most possible sales as well as the convenience of the workforce. Drink purchases can be divided into three categories: demand, specialty, and impulsive.

Your specialty products, such as unusual or exclusive brands, should be placed in high-traffic areas and hotspots so that your clients can easily see them and be enticed to try them.

Limited edition items or new brands that you’ve never carried include impulse purchases; these should also be displayed in the customer’s line of sight.

The in-demand items are part of your normal inventory, which your clients are aware of even before they see them. Make sure your bartenders have quick access to your most popular beverages, but don’t worry about placing them directly in front of your customers’ eyes.

Give employees some privacy

A lack of room and tools will make it difficult for bartenders to perform their jobs effectively, which will have a terrible effect on your bar. If your staff is unable to perform to the best of their skills, poor bar design and space utilisation might really affect your overall revenue. Make sure your bar area has enough space for the number of bartenders you anticipate working a busy shift, and that they all have the freedom to move around and easily access the drinks they require. Because bartenders sharing terminals can cause consumers to wait while they pay for their drinks, multiple tills might be added.

The process of getting ready to design and decorate a bar can be both thrilling and intimidating. It can be difficult to focus on the bar design you want to create when you have a million ideas and concepts racing through your head. We’ve highlighted some bar design ideas and suggestions that you should keep in mind whether you’re opening a bar for the first time or simply renovating your current one. 

Restaurant Bar Design 

The first thing you should consider when building a bar for a restaurant is your surroundings and target audience. An expensive restaurant and bar, for instance, could not do well in an atmosphere where there is minimal consumer interest or if visitors are unwilling to spend a lot of money at a bar. Surveying the area is the best approach to learn what people are interested in.

You can start designing your bar once you have a good understanding of your consumers. When creating a commercial bar, keep the following elements in mind:

Maintain your brand identity. Designing a bar should complement the décor and environment of your restaurant. To make a memorable space that your clients will appreciate, make sure your restaurant and bar area is unified.

Take a look at your kitchen. It’s crucial to think about where your bar will be in relation to your kitchen if you intend to serve bar meals. To quickly and hotly provide food to your bar and tables, you need have your kitchen close by.

Respect your personal space. Verify the space you have at your disposal. Additionally, you must select furniture that will fit in your bar. Keep in mind that you’ll likely want to build service bar rails and foot rails as well.

Make sure the bar is at the correct height. A bar stool that is around 30″ high should be used with a normal bar height of 42″. This will guarantee that the seating at your bar is cosy for your customers.

Bar Decor 

Pick a theme for the bar decor that you want to achieve. Additionally, you should ensure that the decor complements the food and drinks you’ll be serving as well as your business. Here are some decorating ideas for bars:

Choose lighting that is cosy. The lighting in your bar area is crucial. Try out various lighting fixtures and dimmers. If you plan to have a dining area, you may want to put overhead lighting above the tables because bars are typically dimly lighted.

Do some music and band research. You should think about what sort of music would go best with your theme and target audience if you plan to create a bar playlist or offer live music.

Select wall art. Your decor will assist in achieving the theme of your bar, whether you are going for a high-end bar, lively nightclub, or sports motif.

Install furnishings and decorative accents. You may create a well-designed bar with wall art and aesthetically pleasing decor. If your business has a visually appealing setting, more clients will be inclined to take photos and post them on social media with their friends.

Choose your barware. Your choice of glassware will be influenced by the kinds of drinks you intend to offer. Beer and cider are typically served in beer glasses, whereas Moscow mules are typically served in a copper cup.

Choose your tabletops and furniture. If you have the money, you should get stain-resistant table tops and chairs for your bar area to prepare for the inevitable spills that will occur. Make sure your furniture complements the theme of your bar and fits the available area.

Sports Bar Design 

All of the recommendations for restaurant bar design should be kept in mind while decorating and building a sports bar, but it should also contain some extra activities and, of course, plenty of flat-screen TVs to watch the big game.

Bar Sports Activities

It’s crucial to have some activities for the nights when there are no games or events, even if friends and families will undoubtedly congregate at your sports bar to watch the game. Here are some excellent things to do in your sports bar:

Include gaming consoles like air hockey, darts, or pool.

Organize a karaoke or trivia night.

Invite live musical acts to play at your pub.

Additionally, add furnishings and decorations with a sports motif to your bar. This will enable you to demonstrate your support for the local team and draw spectators to your pub to watch the game.

Once you’ve decided on a team, you can make drink and appetiser specials based on the mascot or name of your team. Offer discounts during important games or happy hour, and promote these discounts on social media. Purchasing pay-per-view games that may not be available at any other bars in your area is another excellent marketing strategy. You’ll have a competitive advantage over other bars in the neighbourhood thanks to this.

Outdoor Bar Ideas 

It’s vital to make the most of the summer because, depending on the area, this is when outside pubs make the majority of their money. If you have the money and the available space, you might want to consider building a roof over your bar area to keep patrons inside during inclement weather. The following advice is for your outside bar:

You want to make sure that you maintain your brand throughout if your outside bar has an indoor portion.

Spend money on outside stools, tables, and umbrellas.

Include outside bar games like washers and corn hole.

Poolside Bar Design 

Hotels and beaches tend to have the most poolside bars. If the pool is intended only for adults, you might install a swim-up bar. Swim-up bars typically provide poolside seats so that patrons can enjoy their drinks while swimming. You can continue to have a bar area next to the pool where guests can get a drink. The following advice is for your poolside bar:

Purchase chairs that are water-resistant and outside bar furniture.

Purchase plastic cups and barware.

Provide kids with non-alcoholic beverages and tropical cocktails.

Whether you are remodelling an existing bar or constructing a brand-new one, it’s crucial to establish your bar’s identity and maintain it across the entire establishment. Design something that will appeal to the local clientele. Depending on where you are, different audiences are drawn to restaurants, sports bars, and outdoor bars.

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