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Commercial Bar Decor

Tips and Ideas for Commercial Bar Decor

While you are preparing to decorate and design a bar, the process could be overwhelming, exciting, as there could be a million ideas that might cross your mind that you would want to accomplish. Commercial bar decor needs an appropriate outline with the right ideas taken into consideration while designing it. Let us now evaluate the best possible designs for a bar in a restaurant, bar decor, a sports bar design, or an outside bar design.

Restaurant Bar Design –  The first and foremost point that has to be taken into consideration while planning a restaurant bar design is your environment and your clientele. When we talk of an upscale Commercial bar design consultant, it has to be well understood that it may not perform well in an atmosphere where guests are not willing to spend much at a bar. Therefore a thorough survey of the neighborhood is a must before you start designing a bar at a restaurant. Certain important points to consider are as follows:

Stay on brand – Your restaurant and bar area need to be cohesive in order to create a memorable spot that customers would want to come back, spread a word to friends and extended family. Design your bar which can match the ambience of the restaurant.

Kitchen Area – When you have bar food being served, plan your kitchen accordingly, because in this case it would be better to have the kitchen close enough to serve food hot to the guests at the bar tables.

Space Cautiousness – When you fix the furniture for your bar, make sure you have enough space for the work to go on smoothly. Also, do consider the probability of having foot rails and service bar rails.

Ensure Correct Bar Height – The standard height of the bar has to be 42” paired with a stool of about 30” high. This standard height makes sure that your customer is comfortable during his stay while he sits at your bar.

Bar Decor – Choose your bar decor in such a way that it matches your brand as well as the food and beverages you serve. Let us discuss some important tips about bar decor.

Comfortable Lighting – Lighting your bar area is a very important element of Bar Decor, try experimenting with different types of lighting and dimmers. It has become customary in bars to have dim lights, and seating areas seem fine with lights installed over tables.

Music and Dance – Depending upon the type of customers you can choose to have a regular playlist or have live music that suits the atmosphere of the place

Wall Art – Choose the wall art that best suits your bar’s theme, which again depends upon whether you want to have a sports theme, fun bar club or a high end bar. Wall art plays a very important role in bar decor.

Aesthetic Decor – Aesthetic decor and wall art complement each other in giving a beautiful environment to your bar decor. It is here that customers spend some time clicking pictures to share on social media as well as with friends. 

Bar Glassware – The different types of cocktails you serve will decide the kind of glassware you would need to enhance the look of your bar. Beer is served in beer glasses while Moscow mules are served in a copper cup.

Furniture – Depending upon your budget, invest in stain-resistant table tops and chairs as bars are places where there can be inevitable spills. Make sure your furniture matches the bar’s theme and also fits well in the space you have provided for it.

Sports Bar Decor – It is common to have family and friends at your sports bar to watch a game or two, so make sure to arrange for some activities on those nights with no sports games. Let us get some ideas for great activities that can be added at your sports bar.

  • Have some games like air hockey, darts, or pool that are enjoyed by many guests.
  • You can host a trivia or a karaoke night.
  • Live bands can be invited to perform on some particular days.

You can have sports themed furniture and decor, this can help you get fans to your bar repeatedly to watch the game at your bar. You could create drinks and appetizers based on your favourite team and serve your guests. You can also advertise happy hours on social media to attract fans to watch the game at your bar.

Outdoor Bar Decor – Outdoor bars have a very good footfall in the summers depending on the location, therefore make the best during this period of the year. If your budget is quite vast, you can invest on a rooftop for your bar area to be safe if there are showers. Let us discuss some ideas for an outdoor bar decor.

  • In case you have both indoor and outdoor units, make sure to stay on brand throughout.
  • Your outdoor bar unit should have the appropriate tables and chairs along with umbrellas.
  • You may include some outdoor activities at an outdoor bar unit such as cornpool.

Poolside Bar Decor – Most hotels and beachside restaurants have poolside bars as a common feature, with swim-up bars which have seating from the pool, allowing guests to swim while sipping their favorite drinks. Drinks can be served to customers at the poolside itself. Let us discuss some tips for a poolside bar. 

  • Outdoor bar furniture must consist of water resistant chairs.
  • Plastic barware and cups are best for outdoor bars.
  • Kids could be served non-alcoholic drinks or tropical cocktails.

While you decorate or redecorate a bar, remember to create a brand that needs to be carried out throughout the bar. Your bar design must be an exclusive one that can attract customers in

your area. Depending upon the location of your bar, choose to have a restaurant bar, sports bar or outdoor bar. The right choice of a bar design will help you have a good customer clientele as well as run a successful bar in your area

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