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7 Tips For Designing Your Commercial Laundry Facility

Description: A commercial laundry planning is a common platform for people to move around and maximise the efficiency of the equipment, so well designed that it can improve productivity and safety. Let us discuss some important ideas that can be followed while Planning a commercial laundry

Right Space: Select the right space, meaning choose a strategic location which would be close to your target customers. The space chosen should be big enough to fit equipment you intend to instal for your commercial laundry facility.

Flow of People: Time and motion study would help you out with an effective way to plan a layout for the commercial laundry which would include the flow of your employees as well as customers in the shop. This method helps trigger a great level of productivity.

Sitting Area: It is mandatory to provide a comfortable sitting area space for people to sit down and wait for the laundry to finish. Since washing and drying could take some time, it is important to have this sitting place for people to rest a while before their wash and dry cycle gets over.

Signage Helps: While you create a design for a commercial laundry planning, ensure that you do create some effective business signage. The signage has to be large enough so that your target customers do not go past without noticing. Choice of bright and bold colors with quite some contrast would be best along with readable signs. Visibility of your signage during nights could be enhanced by installing bright lights

Heating and Cooling Systems to be Installed: Apart from all the above tips for a commercial laundry facility, focus on making the place comfortable by installing heating and cooling systems for extreme weather conditions. Automation of the space would be more economical.

Indoor Lights: While planning a commercial laundry facility, ensure that your indoor space is well lit, as it makes working there much easier for your customers as well as staff. Natural light if any is best if available, as it is the best way for business to go green and save money too. The latest technology has motion controlled lights which can be very beneficial.

Good Ventilation: Good ventilation is one of the factors for the best performance of washers and dryers, as it can prevent mold, mildew and other problems. Therefore it is best to install ventilation systems in your commercial laundry facility to prevent equipment breakdowns as well as make the place a comfortable one to do good business too.

The above recommended tips could be used to design a commercial laundry facility, along with investing on the best industrial laundry  equipment for better business oportunities.

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