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Commercial kitchen design

Choosing the Heart of Your Home: A Guide to Selecting the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals; it’s the heart of your home, where memories are made and stories are shared. The right appliances can transform this space into an efficient and enjoyable hub for your daily activities. In this guide, we’ll navigate the sea of options and help you choose the perfect appliances for your kitchen.

7 Tips For Designing Your Commercial Laundry Facility

Description: A commercial laundry planning is a common platform for people to move around and maximise the efficiency of the equipment, so well designed that it can improve productivity and safety. Let us discuss some important ideas that can be followed while Planning a commercial laundry Right Space: Select the right space, meaning choose a […]

Water Recycling System in Commercial Laundry

Wastewater remediation created a water recycling system to work in laundry systems as it is sensible to reuse water over and over again. The commercial laundry planning recycles the water for many cycles, and they discharge it into the sewer system, from there the sewage treatment plant separates the solid from the water. Laundry water […]

Commercial Laundry Room Etiquette

Commercial laundry has reduced manpower, along with being energy efficient, no breakage eco washing programmes. There is some etiquette that needs to be known while you are using a shared laundry room. Let us find out how best we can use them without any hassles. # It is best to sort out your clothes before […]

Infection Control Guidelines for Laundry Services

Infection control is one of the priorities of laundry services, as linen from hospitals could be exposed to potentially infectious materials while collection, handling or sorting. Hence, appropriate washing hands, use protective PPE attire and also remove foreign objects from soiled clothes. Although the risk of disease from pathogenic organisms is quite negligible, sorting them […]

Future of Laundromat Business in India

Washing clothes and fabric has been an age-old process of every household, but with the introduction of delicate fabric to the industry, there has been a dire need of better cleaning methods. The demand for laundry services is increasing due to the increase in social and professional life of both male and females in a […]

Laundry Planning

Design of a Healthcare Laundry Planning

A healthcare laundry planning facility will differ from a commercial laundry planning as hospital laundry would be dealing with many types of soiled linen and clothes. Healthcare facilities laundry deals with linen that is contaminated with faeces, blood, mucus, urine, bacteria, viruses and many more such organic contaminants. Since diseases are transmitted very fast in […]

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