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Commercial Laundry Room Etiquette

Commercial laundry has reduced manpower, along with being energy efficient, no breakage eco washing programmes. There is some etiquette that needs to be known while you are using a shared laundry room. Let us find out how best we can use them without any hassles.

# It is best to sort out your clothes before you reach the laundry room so that you save time.

Make sure you keep the premises of the laundry room clean as it is a common place for many others like you.

Being courteous does not cost a thing, therefore be soft in case you have to deal with an issue.

Be considerate of others as all of you who come there are on a single platform, to get your job done.

Removing your clothes on time is an important rule from the washer or dryer. In case you are late, do not be upset if someone removes your clothes.

In case, someone else’s clothes are there in the machine for more than 5 minutes, move them with care, and put them into a basket if provided.

Make sure to remove the lint screen, clean it after your job is done at the dryer.

Make sure to keep the commercial laundry room is neat and clean, by not spilling detergent liquid.

Respect the space as well as your fellow launderers as all of you are there for the same chores.

Do not overload the machine with clothing or detergent.

 All the above guidelines can be put up on sign boards to avoid any displeasing moments among customers. The above guidelines would help commercial laundry rooms to run smoothly as well as successfully.

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