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Water Recycling System in Commercial Laundry

Wastewater remediation created a water recycling system to work in laundry systems as it is sensible to reuse water over and over again. The commercial laundry planning recycles the water for many cycles, and they discharge it into the sewer system, from there the sewage treatment plant separates the solid from the water. Laundry water is known by the name ‘grey water’, as the wastewater from washing machines is soiled lightly and does not pose any risk to health, as biodegradable products go down the drain. This greywater is perfectly fine for irrigating plants.

A water recycling system reduces the usage of water safely, and processes almost 90% of greywater generated from commercial laundry. Some systems use ozone treatment technology, as ozone has the capacity to destroy bacteria 3000 times more than chlorine bleach. Ozonated water keeps the sheets of linen like new by the above process.These water recycling procedures are energy efficient, scalable and are fully automated to save water, energy and time. This water is pumped back into the stream where it is recycled by nature.

There are some disadvantages of water recycling in commercial laundry. Lot of time is needed to install small recycled water systems, as approval processes take a long time as well as planning them well. Once done, they need continuous management and maintenance, along with large storage tanks that need proper plumbing facilities. Physical barriers need to be placed between pipes for high-quality drinking water and recycled water.

Water recycling in commercial laundry is an essential need, especially in arid areas that face water restrictions and strict regulations as water conservation has to be followed. The fast growing industry of recycling water has numerous advantages like : 

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Decreased pollution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Slows the rate of resource depletion
  • Decreases landfill wastes

There are numerous service providers that provide technical expertise to aid the water recycling system in commercial laundry, such as CTC’s Greywater recycling Technology, Enterprise Ventures Corporation(EVC), Water Energy Green Laundry System, who have excelled in innovation so that one can save costs and resources in commercial laundry operations.

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