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A Brief Guide to Refrigeration Systems for Food Services Industry

The most commonly used cooling appliances in the food services industry are the refrigerator, freezer and chiller. Each one of them have their distinct features, capacities and operations. Therefore, it is essential to have the right type of storage in order to maintain the quality of food, as well as the food services. It is essential to know the difference between each of these refrigeration systems. Here we discuss all the three above mentioned refrigeration systems so you can be well informed before buying them.

cooling appliances in the food services industry

cooling appliances in the food services industry
Fridge and shelves in a professional kitchen


Refrigerators have been the most commonly used appliance for storing food and beverages. The principle that goes into the working of a refrigerator is that the heat is drawn out of the objects and transferred to the surrounding area by evaporation. A refrigerator won’t cool below -10 degree fahrenheit. This process of low temperature helps the slow growth of microorganisms although it may not be that effective in killing pathogenic or spoilage causing microorganisms. For best preservation, maintain temperature between 34 degree and 40 degree Fahrenheit.


The freezer is another commonly used appliance that works on the same principle of the refrigerator. In the freezer, an evaporating or cooling gas is used to evaporate heat from the object. However a freezer alone can store food at temperatures as low as -34 degree Fahrenheit. Most foods remain in proper condition if the freezer is set to a temperature between -10 degrees to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.


A chiller can cool food quickly to a low temperature, to help prevent bacterial growth. Bacteria can multiply at temperature between + 8 degree Celsius (46 degree  F) and +68 degree Celsius (154 degree F). Since the chillar can reduce the temperature of the food 70 degree C to 3 degree C, thereby storing the food safe for consumption. Chillers come of great use in commercial purposes, especially in catering of food and fast food setups.

Conclusive Note

Each and every food services business should invest in the right type of refrigeration systems that can complement their products and operational systems. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional food service consultant that can help you take the right decisions so you can run your business smoothly. To learn more, contact KILOWA. , +91 9313964538.

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