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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Glass for Your Cocktails

The glass in which a cocktail is presented determines how nice it tastes. Just like how the chef is satisfied with the restaurant kitchen design the bartender should have the necessary cocktail glasses to make the drink. Making sure your visitors are satisfied with their drinks is crucial whether you are catering an event, running your bar, or hosting a party. Customers will be presented with an attractive presentation if the appropriate glass is paired with your cocktail. However, drinkware selected expressly for particular types of beverages might also improve your guests’ drinking pleasure. It’s crucial to serve your drinks in the proper glass if you want to get the maximum flavor out of them.

Some cocktails, like a Moscow Mule or a mimosa, come with a particular type of glassware associated with them by default. However, other cocktails can be delivered in a variety of glasses, which can be perplexing if you’re trying to find the right one for your drink. Before selecting the ideal pairing, you need to take into account a variety of factors about your drink and glass. You can easily browse through your glassware collection using the helpful tips on how to choose the best cocktail glass provided below to make amazing drinks for any occasion.

How Does Cocktail Glassware Affect Drinks?

The sort of cocktail you are serving is the first step in the art of matching glassware and drinks. Glassware can assist preserve temperatures while enhancing a beverage’s flavors and fragrances. Aeration and effervescence of a beverage are two qualities that can be enhanced by the shape and type of glassware.

Making a great cocktail requires careful attention to detail and work. You may offer your cocktail the best chance of keeping its overall quality by matching it with the ideal glass. Your guests will be pleased with the drink’s presentation as well as the consistency of its flavor profile, temperature, and aroma.

Cocktail and glassware matched

The ideal glassware is made to improve the drinking experience for your clients. The drink you will be serving must be taken into account before selecting a cocktail glass. You should serve whiskey “on the rocks” or a traditional old-fashioned in a lowball glass to enhance the flavor and assist keep the temperature stable. For preventing the bubbles in effervescent cocktails from becoming flat, champagne flutes are great.

Depending on the precise types of ingredients in your cocktails, you should match your drinkware to your beverages. There are seven different types of cocktail glasses to pick from, ranging from conventional to speciality glassware.


Oversized martini glasses have a capacity of roughly 6 to 12 ounces, whereas standard martini glasses hold from 3 to 10 ounces. Martini glasses are ideal for cocktails made with little to no mixers because of its broad rim and triangular-shaped bowl, which make them comfortable to sip from. Since there isn’t much place for ice in martini glasses, consumers can manage the temperature of their drinks by holding their glass by the long stem rather than the bowl. The big hole helps release the smells, and the compact bowl keeps the beverage’s flavors concentrated.

Drinks That May Be Served In Martini Glasses Include:

Different Martini Iterations


Pina Colada

Alexander, Brandy


About 5 to 7 ounces can fit in coupe glasses. Coupe glasses have a rounded bowl and a wider rim that let users mix or slop their drinks without worrying about them spilling. Coupe glasses are excellent for shaken or swirled liquors with little to no mixers, just like martini glasses are. The large hole and lengthy stem make it possible to regulate the temperature while allowing the smells of a cocktail to aerate and broaden its flavor spectrum.

Beverages that can be served in coupe glasses




Campari-Gin Sour


About 6 to 10 ounces can fit in a lowball glass. Lowball glasses are commonly used to serve ‘on the rocks’ style cocktails due to their shorter, wider design. Lowball glasses are the best choice for beverages with more alcohol. This is because there is enough capacity for ice and stirring, and scents may freely flow from the rounded, bigger mouth.

Alcoholic Beverages You Can Serve In Lowball Glasses:

the traditional


vodka-colored dog

Black Russian


Highball glasses have an 8 to 12 ounce capacity. Collins glasses are similar to highball glasses in appearance and form, except they hold 10 to 14 ounces instead. These glasses are perfect for taller cocktails or mixed drinks that contain a lot of ice and extra ingredients, such as soda, juice, or syrups. The slender shape and tiny entrance are excellent for retaining bubbles, chilling cocktails, and blending flavors.

Drinks That Can Be Served In Collins And Highball Glasses:


Tonic & Gin

Stormy and Dark



Margarita glasses can carry anywhere from 6 to 20 ounces, depending on their size. Margarita glasses, which are typically presented at gatherings or festivities, occasionally feature various stem and bowl designs. However, they typically have a broad rim, a wide appearance akin to a fish bowl, and a short stem. For mixed or slushy drinks, margarita glasses work best since they retain the warmth of the liquids effectively. On improve the flavor of a cocktail as you sip it, you can add salt, sugar, or a mixture of spices to the wide rim of margarita glasses.

Drinks That May Be Served In Margarita Glasses Include:

Different Margarita Variations

Slushy Margaritas


The capacity of hurricane glasses is 20 ounces. These kinds of glasses feature a short stem and a tulip or lamp form. Cocktails with numerous mixers and ingredients work best in hurricane glasses. Garnishes can be added to the flared, open rim, which also allows the enticing aroma of a fruity flavor profile to develop. Slushed or cooled drinks can be served in hurricane glasses.

Drinks That May Be Served In Hurricane Glasses Include:

Different Hurricane Variations

Hawaiian Blue

Coca-Cola Pia

Inferno Vice


About 16 to 20 ounces can be stored in copper cups. This mug can maintain a beverage’s temperature, as copper is an excellent conductor of heat. With its huge mug-style shape and handle, this type of drinkware makes it simple to enjoy cocktails without having your hands affected by the beverage’s temperature. Because copper mugs retain the carbonation and temperature of a chilled beverage effectively and help bring out the flavors of lime and ginger beer, Moscow mules are traditionally served in copper mugs.

Beverages that can be served in copper mugs:

Russian Mule

Mt. Julep


Warm Toddy

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