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Five Focus Areas of Commercial Kitchen Planning and Management – Commercial Kitchens

The efficiency of operations in running a commercial kitchen is determined by its planning and management. Commercial kitchens need high levels of hygiene and cleanliness, hence the method of storage, preparation and cooking equipment would need a defined order to maintain free flow of food. While planning a commercial kitchen, one needs to ensure following the local laws and regulations in order to avoid penalties. Here are outlined five focus areas of commercial kitchen designing to help you make the right  decision.

Commercial kitchens

A) Flooring – Most oftenly, many such businesses overlook the idea of having the right kitchen flooring. Commercial kitchens have heavy kitchen equipment like refrigerator, food preparing units, hence it is important to have the right flooring. There has to be an even flooring in order that water does not get accumulated, and must also have enough floor drains. The walls should also be non-absorbent and easy to clean.

 B) Lighting – Commercial kitchens should have the best lighting facility, as this is equally important. Well lit kitchens ensure better cleaning, food preparation. Adequate lighting is essential in the main kitchen as well as the warehouse. Therefore, the light chosen should be free from glare and unwanted reflections.

C) Space – There should be enough space to keep the kitchen equipment as well as the refrigerator in the kitchen. The staff also need adequate space to move around in the kitchen. A well organised kitchen will help in the easy flow of the day to day operations. Hence, it is important to have spacious walkways having no obstruction which would eventually avoid accidents at the workplace. The staff should be able to navigate smoothly in the kitchen so that they can deliver the food to customers as quickly as possible.

D) Cleanup – A dishwasher is an indispensable equipment for a commercial kitchen, therefore choosing the right one is very important as the volume of vessels it can clean at one go is too huge. Hence, choose the dishwasher that is pretty fast in operating and also mees all sanitary requirements so that you do not risk violating any health rcode.

Conclusive Note – Make a list of all the items you would need to operate a commercial kitchen as this will facilitate easy food facilities planning and management. Firstly, list items needed for cooking, and then include items that would make the workflow easier and more efficient.

Since commercial kitchens are designed for long term usage, it is better to take professional assistance as alterations in commercial kitchens comes with a huge cost as well as time.

KILOWA is ideally positioned to help you plan and manage commercial kitchens in the most cost-efficient way.


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