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How to make sure your kitchen is equipped with sustainable machines

A commercial kitchen is usually a busy place with the different types of cooking and food being prepared all through the day, Hence, the storage and ware washing equipment needs to get things done to a high standard with the least waste. Machines with minimal waste are an important investment for long term operational success.

When a restaurant consultant chooses a dishwasher, it has to be one that will be able to operate at a much higher capacity(wash more dishes at one wash). Yet another tip is make sure that you consider power and water use, since these are the key elements of waste reduction. It has been found that dishwashers are the highest source of water waste and energy in restaurant and hotel kitchens. All these combined with electricity cost over 120% over the last decade, the reason why sustainability has been a hot topic.

Therefore restaurant consultants should ensure that they invest in a dishwasher that is sustainable in a business, in turn helping you save operating efficiency as well as it is good for environmental sustainability.

Tips to improve environmental sustainability in the kitchen

Dishwashing has always been a part and parcel with every kitchen and moreso a commercial kitchen. A restaurant consultant or a chef has to be aware of the water consumption in sinks and dishwashers as it is a known fact that water is a finite source, hence everyone has to be thoughtful while using water, as well as recycling it or reusing it wherever it is possible.

Now washing dishes by hand comes with certain negative points such as the overall usage of water would be about 50 litres in one session, but for the residues to be removed and the dishes to remain clean enough throughout the service period, there is a stress on the hot water system and consequently the power bill. Instead switching to a commercial dishwasher which has the facility of recirculating or energy saving could result in long term savings. Most of all the procedure of using a dishwasher would give a sense of satisfaction that the wash ware are clean and hygienic to the best standard. Therefore it is absolutely imperative to use the most environmentally friendly chemicals  since all the water from the dishwater goes down the drain.

There are several machines developed with a new standard of cleaning and energy saving capability which are certified both locally and internationally. The Norris brand of glass washers and dishwashers meet the highest standard of efficiency with respect to water and energy consumption.

You are being environmentally friendly as well as financially happier

When a restaurant consultant invests in sustainable commercial equipment, it is guaranteed that your business is running efficiently and environmentally friendly. There is no much need to worry about the invested money on dishwashers as they have the facility that the machine is covered with, along with all chemicals and service being made available at a budgeted cost for the entire term. This helps you to budget easily and keep a steady cash-flow as all breakdowns would be taken care of in a systematic way. An even better way to do this is to look for leases that offer full warranty, service, and satisfaction guarantees.

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