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The Psychology for Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant interior design is a perfect science whose main aim is to tap the diner’s senses in the right direction. The psychology of restaurant interior design helps to recognise exactly their clientele and build a carefully engineered experience around their needs and desires.

Key Indicators for Restaurant Facilities Planning and Management

A restaurant business needs the right plan to manage it  effectively and successfully. The important facilities needed are crucial and need proper planning. The factors that are to be checked are the food storage facility management, principles on food preparation, equipment required for cooking. These pointers would help maintain  the efficiency and the quality of […]

Driving Innovation In Commercial Kitchen

Ref:  Blog: Smart kitchens are kitchens designed to be sustainable, time-saving, and energy-efficient. They are a combination of electronics, design, and environmentally-friendly elements. Today a commercial kitchen set-up abides by all rules, a lot of restaurants are using Bluetooth temperature sensing to preserve a certain level of quality of their equipment and food. have […]

Commercial Kitchen Design

A Guide to set up a QSR Kitchen – Quick Service Restaurants

Quick service restaurants are eateries that specialize in offering fast food items to their customers. The most popular QSR’s offer burgers, pizzas, and many more food items that are ‘ready to cook’ and ‘ready to serve’. That is why Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) are also known as ‘Fast Food Restaurants.’  These eating places offer dine-in, […]

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