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commerical Kitchen

Small Commercial Kitchen Tips & Trends

In recent times there has been an increase in small commercial kitchens, and they are in demand more than ever before. Since we live in a world of creativity and innovation that actually offers multi-functional equipment options that could not be conceived a decade ago

Restaurant feedback in real time

Restaurant Feedback Form

Any business to run successfully needs to use the feedback method, which is very useful since it brings about any flaws in your workmanship. There is a competitive environment present in all fields

Restaurant Guest Engagement

Ideas to Boost Restaurant Guest Engagement

Once the restaurant has been set up and functioning, the next step is to bring in new customers as well as retain older ones. Once you have a set of loyal guests, they are worth much more as they tend to repeat their orders, spend more, and also recommend your restaurant to their friends. It […]


Sustainability Trends in Restaurants

Some priorities for sustainability of restaurants include reducing single use plastics, reducing on both energy as well as landfills and choosing more sustainable ingredients. Those restaurants which are socially conscious prefer to advertise the ways in which they contribute to the cause of sustainability. As a result, consumers are knowledgeable about climate change and pollution, […]

Restaurant -

Menus that can influence Consumer Preferences

The key to a good restaurant design is keeping the balance between what you cook best and the trending demands of your diners including kitchen, seating, and menu. While giving people something they didn’t know they wanted, is valuable but you can’t rely on cooking alone to lead you to success. Monitor food trends and […]

restaurant reopen

5 Marketing Hacks To Promote The Reopening of Your Restaurant

The scare of the spread of the virus totally cut off guest groups from most restaurants, but after a whole year and a half, the restrictions on social meet-ups have eased in many regions, restaurant operators are slowly beginning to reopen their premises for dine-in facilities.


Design Hacks For An Effective, Easy To Use Restaurant Feedback Form

Customer feedback has an essential role in shaping the overall structure of a restaurant business. The feedback of your customers helps in improving your restaurant business, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction and adds to their experience. An important aspect in the foodservice industry along with restaurant design is customer feedback, if collected and implemented […]

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