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Out Door Bar Decor Ideas

A restaurant consultant will help you arrange for a bar beside the pool where guests could grab a drink.

Commercial Kitchens

Energy Waste Management in Commercial Kitchens

Restaurant consultants should ensure the smooth running of all equipments in a commercial kitchen as it would lead to energy waste. The equipment maintenance system is not perfect and not implemented.

Kitchen Waste Water Reuse

The world is on the verge of water shortage, hence it is very important to find proper management of water resources in order to meet the demand for water in today’s growing population. Collection and reuse of wastewater have become a priority today. Wastewater could create public health issues by polluting natural water resources, therefore […]

Waste management at restaurant

Food Waste Management Plan for Hotels

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there is an estimated amount of one-third of the food produced for human consumption, going as food waste each year. This roughly amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes of food being wasted, with hotels being one of the largest producers of food waste. Therefore, it is of utmost […]

Waste recycling

A Brief Guide to Kitchen Waste Management and Recycling – Waste Management Solutions

Commercial kitchens are expected to play a significant role in waste management, by-products, and biodegradable waste. Recycling and reusing waste are key areas to be discussed related to waste management solutions. Read on to get a better idea. With an exponential increase in population, the awareness about the importance of waste management has become a […]

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