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Waste recycling

A Brief Guide to Kitchen Waste Management and Recycling – Waste Management Solutions

Commercial kitchens are expected to play a significant role in waste management, by-products, and biodegradable waste. Recycling and reusing waste are key areas to be discussed related to waste management solutions. Read on to get a better idea.

With an exponential increase in population, the awareness about the importance of waste management has become a crucial matter of concern. Since commercial kitchens produce large volumes of waste and by-products (much of them being biodegradable), they play an important role in this regard. Therefore, systematic planning of solid waste, as well as recycling, reuse of waste has become the number one agenda of environmentalists. KILOWA DESIGNS provides comprehensive, scientific waste-management solutions to a lot of businesses in India. We shall discuss key points related to waste management and recycling in commercial kitchens such as hotels and restaurants that we deal with on a regular basis.

#  Reuse of Waste

This industry dealing with waste disposal forms a very important part of the hotel, hospitality industry. It has to be well understood here that waste disposal is not about dumping waste into dumpsters, instead waste needs to be categorized as either organic, inorganic, or waste that cannot be recycled. Organic forms of waste such as food products can be used to create compost, while inorganic waste such as paper can be recycled, meaning they can be used to manufacture other products. Such reuse of waste materials with the help of efficient waste management systems would automatically reduce the burden on natural resources. This leads to less garbage produced in landfills.

#  Conversion of Waste into Energy

Waste management solutions adopted in hospitality industries such as hotels helps them benefit, as it can be used to produce energy. KILWA DESIGNS is equipped with deep knowledge of landfills and waste-to-energy plants. We hereby assure our clients that the waste management consultant has planning is aligned with the present  and future requirements. Our plans also comply with all government regulations, as our method of converting the energy trapped in an environmental pollutant to electricity, thus preventing accumulation and also helps in efficient utilization of waste.

#  Eco-Friendly Designs for Waste Disposal

It is of utmost priority to dispose of industrial waste properly as if it enters the environment such waste can be hazardous to live beings and pose numerous health risks, which could be irreversible. These pollutants originating from commercial kitchens end up in water bodies thus harming the living organisms of the food chain. Thus only environment-friendly structured engineering designs that incorporate proper waste management can ensure safe disposal or recycle of waste products.

Legal Implications

Large-scale commercial kitchens are legally bound to manage waste efficiently, failing which could end up in a lawsuit, incurring a huge liability on account of negligence. This is an important step wherein waste management consulting comes into play. Having enough industry experience, we at KILOWA DESIGNS help our clients in the waste management and recycling process, right from planning to implementation. Our waste management plan helps reduce, dispose, and recycle kitchen waste effectively leaving our clients far from legal issues.

P.S.  An effective waste management plan can be implemented through waste management companies in India, apart from safe waste disposal and recycling. This system creates job opportunities, such as transporting, refining, marketing, and selling products. If you are one of the commercial kitchens ready to dispose of waste safely as well as reuse it, KILOWA DESIGNS can help. We have clients for whom we facilitate the planning and management of waste management for better efficiency and profitability.

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