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Commercial Bar Design

Equipment Checklist for Commercial Bar Design

Commercial bars could come in various forms, hence the basic necessities required for the bar design need to be met in order to run it successfully. In a bar you would be serving alcohol therefore your bar has to be stocked with the right spirit along with the right equipment. Hence with the right bar design, you can offer top quality service to your customers. We shall now get an equipment checklist for a commercial bar design.

Before you buy any equipment, consider the budget and space you have and then buy the appropriate list of necessities so that you can have maximum efficiency.

# Bar coolers and Refrigeration –  Among a huge optin of bar coolers, the walk-in coolers provide the best storage space. A cooler that fits right in front of the bar is best suited for bartenders so that they have access to all they need.

A reach-in freezer is supposed to be a good option depending upon your needs, dual temperature and freezer would work best. Buy the right size cooler depending upon your inventory as well as your bar design.

#  Bar Blender or Frozen drink Machines – A commercial blender would be the best option if your customers need margaritas and Pina Colada. You can also mix, puree, crush iceland liquefy ingredients for cocktails. Along with that goes the strainers, shakers, pour tops and garnish bins.

# Draft Beer Dispensers – A direct draw beer dispenser is to be installed if you are serving draft beer. This includes keg storage, tap, tubing, fittings, beer shank assembly, and finally the beer. These come with a combination of coolers and refrigeration storage.

# Underbar Sinks – Depending upon your bar design and space available, an underbar sink is a must to wash and reuse glasses, cocktail glasses and beer mugs during rush hour.

# Ice-Machines – An obvious usage of ice in a bar makes ice-machine an integral part of your bar design. Ice-machine is usually placed in the mixed drink area, and it should have the option of flowing ice.

#  Commercial Glass Washer Machines – When you have a lot of customers at your bar regularly, install a commercial glass washer, which can sanitize as well as clean the glasses at a fast pace. Depending upon your bar design, choose from two types, one which is a countertop and the other being a free standing model. These have the capacity to clean about 1200 glasses at a time.

#  Point of Sale System – A commercial bar design is complete only after having a point of sale(POS) software, which is well designed for bars and has special features. A POS helps you to manage your financial transactions for the day, as you need to configure your system to give you the following results : credit card terminal, hostess station, employee time tracking, and sales. With this system you can run your bar efficiently, track inventory, orders, plan your budget and even generate sales reports.

Well, to sum up, your overall success depends on the best bar design necessities, when you invest on commercial bar equipment.  

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