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Laundry Room Management Design for Effective Efficiency – Laundry consulting

 An effective laundry room management design should make the room well organized by easing the tasks involved in the laundry. Storage cabinets for laundry supplies, organized appliances for washing and drying, using optimal room space, all make laundry room management much easier and efficient. Commercial Laundry consultant would help you maintain and perform better.

Laundry Room Management

Although, doing laundry itself is a tedious job, it can be made easily doable with the right appliances and tools. Thus, organizing a laundry room in the most effective way is as important as running it effectively, thus easing the tasks involved in laundry management. The most important factors that need to be taken into consideration for laundry management are waterproofing the flooring, fixing interruptions in water supply, organizing the storage spaces and providing proper ventilation. If the above mentioned points are taken care of while creating an efficient laundry room design, it pays for good business in the long run. Here we list out four cornerstones of effective laundry design for you to consider. Read on.

# Tailored Cabinetry

Since there are many laundry supplies for example detergents, stain removers, iron and floor cleaner, or clothes softener, they all need a designated place to be stored, and hence the need of custom cabinets became very common to optimize the storage spaces in a laundry room. The wall mounted cabinets are useful to store equipment and clothes, giving a very clean look to the room. Before the washing process, the clothes need sorting in different bins depending upon their fiber or material and color shade. Storage bins come very handy leaving the counter space clean and empty for the next procedure.

#  Organized Appliances

Organizing a laundry room the right way would help in the proper functioning of the room. Appliances should be placed in the laundry room according to their usage, ease of access and necessary supplies. Some laundry room designs are made in such a way to place washers under the storage spaces, this can happen when cabinet spaces are custom made depending upon the dimensions of the washer. There are two type of washers available in the market these days, front load and top load washers. You can choose according to your needs and budget, but make sure you organize them for an effective laundry room service.

#  Optimal Workspace

The efficiency of a laundry room is obtained best by taking care of the work space as well as the floor space. The washing process is quite a hectic job which requires the usage of different detergents and solvents, therefore it is important to keep them accessible by using cabinets. Hence counter spaces provided in laundry room design eases the job, when supplies are kept on top and use that space for ironing too. Along with this,, floor space also needs to be improved, in the sense opened washer doors or storage bins do not hinder your movement in the area.

#  Power Outlets

Since most of the operations like washing, bleaching, drying or ironing in a laundry room are powered by electricity, it is important to make appliances operational, multiple power sources would be required. When there is a need to shift an iron board to another place, it would be helpful to have the nearest multiple board available for the job. Certain fixtures such as hot and cold water mixer, corner sink, drying hangers and wall mounted baskets would definitely improve functionality as well as provide an aesthetic look to the laundry room. 

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