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How Consulting Can Help Your Business – Commercial Kitchen Design

After the rise of management as a unique field of enterprise in the late 19th Century, along with the Industrial Revolution, the new profession of consulting began when Arthur Dehon Little launched the first consulting firm in the world. Arthur’s consulting firm specialized in technical research and his vision of thinking beyond the ordinary to find solutions to complex problems. 

When it came to India, consulting started in the 1990s when C.K.Birla, a renowned industrialist, requested McKinsey to plan a turnaround project for Hindustan Motors. 

History has proven that consulting is a vital need for any business to start, survive, and eventually thrive in the market scenario. 

The rise in consulting led to many individuals studying to become professional consultants. 

Who are consultants? 

Consultants are trained professionals who provide expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on their expertise. They are known as troubleshooters to provide their clients with strategies to prevent problems and improve business performance. In short, consultants are industry experts that are hired by businesses/organizations to provide their expertise on the subject of interest (that requires consulting) to their businesses/organizations. Here is a list of the main reasons why businesses hire consultants from consulting firms because they help in: 

1) Providing client businesses with information.

2) Giving their client businesses an edge over their competitors.  

2) Focusing on diagnosing and solving a client’s problems.

3) Making recommendations to client businesses after diagnosing a problem.

4) Assisting client businesses by implementing the recommendations. 

5) Facilitating client learning of their own business and industry practices.

6) Providing a long-term solution in improving organizational effectiveness.

Let’s talk about consulting in the Food & Beverage industry. 

According to a report, “The food and beverages industry accounts for 3% of India’s GDP and is the single largest employer in the country, with a workforce of 7.3 million.” 

It’s evident that the F&B market has potential and attracts many new businesses each year. That’s why more than ever before there has been a surge in food start-ups, ghost kitchens, and food entrepreneurs in recent times. This has led to a rise in F&B consulting too. 

Whether it’s a hospitality business, a restaurant, or a food processing business, every one of these businesses requires consulting when it comes to their: 

1) Kitchen Designing & Planning

2) Food Service Planning

3) Laundry Planning

4) Waste Management Consulting 

For a new commercial food set-up such as a restaurant, a cafeteria, or a commissary, the main area that needs the most attention to detail is the kitchen. The kitchen is where the chefs, cooks create their magic that stuns their customers. That is why this area of work needs the most and undivided attention when it comes to design, utility, and ergonomics. To solve these matters, hiring a kitchen consultant from a specialized consulting firm is a great decision for the business because these professionals can make a vision of the perfect kitchen come true from the 3D renderings. 

Consultants who specialize in the niche area of commercial kitchen design are known as kitchen design/food service consultants. Their job description entails them to be: 

  • Food and facility inspectors
  • Food safety auditor
  • Menu engineer and designer
  • Menu developer
  • Environmental safety regulator
  • Food engineer
  • Create and maintain food safety procedures.
  • Assist with culinary development and menu design.
  • Assist with revenue generation, food costs, and menu engineering.
  • Develop food production facilities and kitchens up to code.
  • Create products and dishes that are nutritionally viable and tasty.
  • Provide consultation for specific types of food production. 

A kitchen consultant would be the best person to guide commercial food businesses on how to plan, design, strategize and implement a commercial kitchen design. Getting the best minds to work for a business means, getting on board the best consulting firm. 

Kilowa is one such unique consulting firm that guarantees in implementation of a commercial kitchen design project in 14 days. When it comes to commercial kitchen design projects, Kilowa’s expertise lies in setting-up a: 

(Kilowa makes sure all their consulting packages are achievable and affordable for their client businesses). 

Kilowa prides itself in delivering efficient and tasteful kitchen designs to their client businesses. Kilowa’s team of consultants, designers, and technicians partner with client businesses at the early stages of project ideation and assist in planning the finance of their clients and devising a plan to allocate capital for other essential activities as well besides the commercial kitchen. Kilowa applies a holistic and empathetic approach when it comes to consulting and designing. 

Kilowa’s team works from start to finish. A team of CAD designers works to deliver accurate design packages for commercial kitchen plans by sending their clients regular updates and design revisions. A commercial kitchen might be the perfect example of teamwork coming together in motion while maintaining and following commercial guidelines, local laws, and safety codes. The team also coordinates with architects, engineers, and contractors to bring the design sensibilities and vision of the client to come to life. 

Kilowa delivers: 

  • A schematic plan of action
  • Equipment layout plan for the commercial design project 
  • Mechanical and electrical support drawing 
  • Specification of equipment 
  • Section & Elevation 
  • 3D Modeling 
  • 6 design revisions 
  • Free architectural design reviews
  • Project completion in 14 days 

Hiring a consulting firm for a commercial kitchen design plan is pivotal, so might as well hire the best brains in the business because if any business wants to be ahead in the game, they need a great consultant. Take a step towards success and connect with a kitchen design consultant at Kilowa today. 

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