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Ventilation in Commercial Kitchen Is Important

The ventilation system in a commercial system is of utmost importance since it is a major component of the smooth functioning of the restaurant . It is important to maintain proper control over the environment as it can affect not only the kitchen, but the dining area and other areas too. So to say commercial kitchen ventilation is a very important factor that can affect both customers as well as the employees of the food service department.

#  Control Kitchen Temperatures and Air Quality : Kitchens have always been a very uncomfortable place to work because there is a lot of heat emanated while cooking, the heat is sometimes unbearable. Now when the HVAC system is not balanced properly, the commercial kitchen could become too cold. The process of cooking involves a lot of steam, smoke, air borne particles and odour, all of which can irritate the eyes, nose and skin, sometimes causing respiratory problems. When a commercial kitchen ventilation system is installed, it will effectively remove all irritants in the air while contributing to temperature control throughout the kitchen.

#  Reducing Energy Loss : A ventilation system in a commercial kitchen is effectively made to actually replace the kitchen air, which means that the air is removed through exhaust systems and then replaced by air brought in through the HVAC equipment or ventilation sources. In this process the heating and cooling energy can be removed as smoke, particles and odour are exhausted from the building. But if the ventilation system is designed perfectly, the wastage of energy can be stopped, by reducing the amount of HVAC-conditioned air that is pulled out and lost through the ventilation process.

#  Odours are Restricted : Odour is a part of the cooking system which needs to be avoided in a commercial kitchen, this odour can be restricted from entering the dining and nearby areas by using a proper ventilation system. Definitely, the dining areas, the bar or the rest rooms if infested with cooking odour would be disliked by customers. The ventilation system in a commercial kitchen should be arranged in such a way, so as to produce negative pressure in the kitchen thus keeping all odours out of the customer’s place.

#  Stops Contamination of Exhaust Systems : When a commercial kitchen ventilation system is designed so that it uses effective filtration to minimize the amount of dust or grease that accumulates on the ventilation equipment otherwise the grease needs to be cleaned at an additional cost by the owner.

There are some points that need to be kept in mind while designing a commercial kitchen ventilation for effective performance at minimal cost expences.

#  Demand Ventilation : Make sure you install a demand ventilation system in your commercial kitchen as this has the capability to sense the amount of heat, fumes and other elements that require ventilation. It will run only when there is a need, thus reducing operating costs. The efficiency of this ventilation system is highest when it works.

#  High-Efficiency specialized Filters : Always make sure to install specialized high efficiency restaurant filters for your commercial system kitchen ventilation as they can remove more airborne grease and contaminants, hence reducing the need for the frequency of cleaning.

#  Extend Hood :  An overhanging hood helps in boosting the efficiency and limits the intake of conditioned air within the kitchen.

#  Integrate temperature and ventilation in commercial kitchens : When the temperature and ventilation in a commercial kitchen are carefully integrated to ensure the best level of operation for both. Each system complements the other, achieving maximum efficiency as well as effectiveness producing best cost effective results.

# All Gaps Sealed : Ensure that all the gaps behind the cooking and ventilation equipment in a commercial kitchen are sealed well enough so as to not allow any air loss and improve the efficiency of ventilation.

If all the above points are kept in mind while installing an adequate ventilation system in a commercial kitchen, you can ensure good air movement in the kitchen, and also maintain a comfortable environment all around.

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