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5 Strategies You Can Use to Rebrand Your Restaurant while Maintaining Market Recognition.

When restaurant business growth needs to be stimulated so as to reach new customers, rebranding your restaurant design is the best way. Rebranding restaurant design becomes utmost necessary in order to keep your restaurant up to date with changing customer preferences and also help capture a bigger market share. However, there are some disadvantages of rebranding your restaurant design, like the risk of losing brand recognition and alienating loyal customers. Let us discuss some tips to rebrand your restaurant effectively while retaining customer trust too.

5 Proven Tips To Rebrand Your Restaurant without Losing Recognition

  • Understand Your Restaurant’s Positioning – First and foremost, you should have a baseline to compare with post-brand, specially starting from the customer base to the restaurant menu. You must have specific goals as to where you would want to see your restaurant business post rebranding. While rebranding your restaurant design, do keep in mind the values and mission you have previously set before you make any changes. The current position of your restaurant, and the resources you need for future success if well organised would be very helpful. Try and get information from different sources so that you maximum benefits by rebranding along with the least risk of losing customers. 
  • Analyse the Audience – While you are on the move to rebranding your restaurant design, ensure that you analyse the target audience as well as the demographics that make up the majority of the population in your area. You also need to include the competition in the vicinity so that your rebranding plans cater to these customers’ interests too. You need to analyse what are your guests’ likes and dislikes about your restaurant design as your decor may need a revamp or the restaurant’s menu may need an upgrade. Reviews of your regular customers will be very valuable while rebranding your restaurant, hence start off by gathering as much feedback as possible before you plan a rebrand procedure for your restaurant.
  • Analyse Competition – The process of rebranding your restaurant should include monitoring the competitors too, as to how they are placed in the market, is their brand aligned correctly according to their customers, how should your rebranding make the restaurant stand unique, one of a kind. Once you know where you stand among other restaurants in your area, this would help you to make the necessary changes to such an extent that your restaurant design surpasses all the others.
  • Excel your strengths – Locate those areas where your restaurant has been at its best in performance and try to take steps to strengthen them.
  • Improve on your weaknesses – Check out on the areas where your restaurant design falters when compared to your competitors or as observed by your customers and focus on them to make the necessary improvements.
  • Opportunities – Work on ways to expand your services at the restaurant, be it physical or delivery services by adapting newer menus according to your customers’ tastes and preferences. At this point you can also closely monitor your competitors as to how they have modernized and hence take inspiration from them.
  • Identify threats – You have to identify potential threats by keeping an eye on the strategies applied by your competing restaurants. Also, bear in mind the price rise in foods and changing government regulations. Replace the menu when an ingredient is adding onto the overall cost by replacing it.
  • Involve your staff – When you are planning a rebranding for your restaurant design, be wise enough to include your staff members too in the discussion as their feedback could be very helpful in shaping the rebranding strategy. Since they have a better understanding of the customers, they could help you tweak anything that doesn’t align with the interests of the customer. The FOH staff are the ones who are hearing direct feedback from the customers, servers can help you rebuild the menu and chefs can readily help in introducing the most popular dishes as well as improvise on the existing ones.
  • Communicate effectively –  Effective communication is one of the key strategies involved during rebranding your restaurant design, because your customers have to be aware of the modifications you have made at your restaurant to make it a better place to dine. This communication can be extended to their friends and friend of friends too to increase your list of customers. Ensure that you include a comprehensive advertising and marketing strategy when you are planning a rebranding for your restaurant design. When you talk of advertising, think of all the different modes and channels you would want to use. There has to be a page dedicated on your website about the newly branded venue, drop printed cards into delivery and bring out bags with the new logo. Your website should have the pictures and videos of the latest menus, new decor, and also a creative for an opening event. This will keep your customers aware of the opening even before the actual launch.

Although rebranding a restaurant design is a tough task, with the right strategy and assistance, you can rebuild your restaurant without losing market recognition. The above strategies will help you rebrand your restaurant design along with strengthening your bond with your loyal customers and also attract new ones.

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