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4 Modular Kitchen Design Ideas – Commercial Kitchen Planning

Today’s kitchens are an open space dedicated to culinary explorations. The way an artist requires an art studio to get inspired and create a masterpiece, a chef in a restaurant requires a culinary haven to display their skills and deliver exotic works of ‘food art’. 

The experimentation and explorations in food have given birth to a new-age concept in commercial kitchen planning. Gone are the days where kitchens were all about closed and cluttered spaces. Now, they are far more efficient, advanced, and well-organized.

Today, kitchens can be compared to a high-functioning laboratory. 

The demand for specialized cooking due to new-age diets that people started following led to commercial kitchen planning taking a whole different approach, with new-age kitchens. 

One such new-age kitchen concept is the Modular Kitchen. 

Modular kitchen is a term given to a kitchen that consists of small sections or modules. It is a contemporary concept of a kitchen that consists of drawers, cabinets, and shelves organized in a manner that utilizes space well. Modular kitchens are modern and convenient in terms of organizing limited spaces. The modules in these types of kitchens are easy to assemble and easy to move around. 

Types of modular kitchen: 

1) L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

This type of kitchen is formed when counters spread over two adjacent walls align at a right angle forming the shape of the alphabet ‘L’. It is quite a popular design in commercial kitchens because it allows the chef or cooks to move easily between the sink, hob, and other appliances present in the workstation. The L-shaped kitchen layout is an ideal option to be considered for commercial kitchen planning as it also allows the movement of multiple cooks in a commercial kitchen. 

2) Straight Modular Kitchen Layout

This type of kitchen is designed to contain minimum space while maintaining optimum efficiency. It is planned in a straight line, where the sink, hob, and appliances present in the workstation, are aligned on a single wall. 

The biggest advantage here is that a Straight Modular Kitchen Layout does not take up too much space. It is widely recommended by experts while undertaking commercial kitchen planning projects because this style of modular kitchen is compact and the simplest of all kitchen layouts.

3) U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout

In this type of kitchen, the counter runs along three walls of the room, making a U-shape. This type of kitchen takes up a large amount of space. In a U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout, the workstation can be divided into cooking, preparation, and the washing area. While planning a commercial kitchen, this type of modular kitchen can be a little expensive owing to its versatility and spacious design. 

4) Parallel Shaped Kitchen or Galley Kitchen Layout

This type of kitchen is most loved by chefs. The main reason for this is because it is the most efficient layout. 

The Parallel Shaped Kitchen consists of two long work stations that are aligned against two walls and run parallel to each other. It consists of a passageway making it easy for cooks to move around easily. It is also known as a Galley Kitchen Layout. 

The Parallel Kitchen is excellent while planning a commercial kitchen as it gives people the ability to divide the working areas into a ‘wet’ section and a ‘dry’ section easily. It has a lot of counter space and plenty of storage options. 

5) Island Modular Kitchen Layout

Considered the ‘dream’ kitchen for many, it’s a beautiful, contemporary design kitchen layout that is a combination of a straight line kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen plan with an isolated space like an island in the middle of the sea. 

The Island Modular Kitchen Layout is more organized, functional, and stylish in terms of looks. 

6) G-Shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen

What do you get when you combine a U-shaped kitchen and an Island Kitchen? The answer is a G-shaped shaped kitchen. It has the best of both worlds. It is stylish looking and well-organized due to its well-defined boundaries and separate cooking spaces. 

While planning a commercial kitchen, a G-shaped or Peninsula Modular Kitchen is a good option to go for especially for people who want an island kitchen, but neither have the budget nor space for it. 

Modular Kitchen also comes in various designs. Here are some design ideas: 

  • Basic Modular Kitchen Design
  • Traditional Modular Kitchen Design
  • Contemporary Modular Kitchen Design
  • Modern Modular Kitchen Design
  • Rustic Modular Kitchen design
  • Industrial Modular Kitchen design
  • Sleek Modular Kitchen Design
  • Italian Modular Kitchen Design
  • European Modular Kitchen Design
  • American Modular Kitchen Design
  • French Modular Kitchen Design

Why it is a good decision to install a Modular Kitchen? 

  • It can be customized and tailor-made to a kitchen’s floor plan. 
  • It provides optimal and well-organized storage space even in the smallest work areas. 
  • It comes in multiple designs and varieties. 

Interested in Modular Kitchens or want to install one in your commercial set-up? Let the industry specialists help you with that. 

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The main goal of the HPG Consulting Group is to focus on core business and understanding consumer psychology better. 

The HPG Consulting Group is a pioneer in the foodservice industry. They deliver on their promise to assist the clients, in providing direction by offering focused concepts and positioning strategies, facility designs, and operating solutions, thereby ensuring practical and smooth operations at all times.

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Fascinated by all that HPG can achieve? Follow that thought and get in touch with an HPG Commercial Kitchen Consultant today. 

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